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Our REDMAGIC 5th Birthday Gift to You

Our REDMAGIC 5th Birthday Gift to You

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary

Five years in the game and REDMAGIC is still full of surprises that are guaranteed to make you feel and play like a born winner. Our 5th birthday is centered around commemorating the past and future of REDMAGIC and celebrating the patrons that have been with us along the way with exclusive birthday price cuts. This is in addition to the live event that we’re hosting, where four lucky viewers will win official REDMAGIC merchandise.

We rummaged through the depths of YouTube to find the perfect pair of hosts to accomplish the task of delivering our most epic event of the year. We’re happy to announce that our hosts are as innovative and hardcore as REDMAGIC, and we’re excited to give you a first-hand experience of their gaming and content creation abilities.

5th Anniversary Live Event

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary Live Event

The 5th birthday is a milestone because it symbolizes a new beginning and the start of real independence for a child. Since REDMAGIC is our baby, our virtual birthday party will be celebrating all the milestones from its establishment in 2017, all the improvements that have been made to our devices, and the future of the brand as we venture into new gaming spheres. This journey through time will be captained by two of the finest YouTube creators: Beaulo and Sirpugger.


Simply typing the name Beaulo into your search engine returns a great deal of information on how awesome of a gamer this guy really is, but we’ll just skim the surface of his achievements. He’s a retired pro gamer popularly known for his success in Rainbow Six Siege (RS), and his nearly 660 videos on YouTube that have garnered more than 198 million views. He recently competed in the most intense 1v1 game of RS to ever be streamed on Twitch and YouTube so he knows all about connecting with the virtual crowd.


Sirpugger gained popularity when he figured out how to essentially hack the bots on Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a trick that can turn gold from the game into real cash, and started creating innovative “bot-busting” content. His content is enjoyed by more than 330K YouTube and 8.8K Twitch subscribers.

Incredible Birthday Offers

The live event is only one part of what’s in store for you on our 5th birthday. We’ve also got exclusive birthday offers and bundles that you can look forward to for as long as there’s stock available. Because if there’s one thing you should know about REDMAGIC, it’s that our shelves clear out fast.

PC Gaming

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary - PC Gaming Bundle
Our entire PC gaming range is finally available on the REDMAGIC website. We initially launched the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor alongside the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium a few months back, and now we’re bringing you the REDMAGIC Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, and Mouse Pad to complete your radical gaming area setup.

As part of the exclusive birthday celebration offer, you’ll get $20 off a REDMAGIC Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle, but only for a limited time. This duo works incredibly with Mac or Windows OS and is especially fantastic when paired with the REDMAGIC Gaming Monitor.

Mobile Gaming Bundles

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary - Mobile Gaming Bundles
The latest REDMAGIC smartphone, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro, is a one-of-a-kind device that has its own set of accessories that can take it (and your gaming) to the next level. We’ve paired the phone up with these accessories to create three bundles that’ll make it easier to fill up your cart, plus we’ve thrown in a discount just to sweeten the deal.

Pair your REDMAGIC 8 Pro with either a REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad, a REDMAGIC 8 Pro Protective Case, or a dedicated REDMAGIC 8 Pro Screen Protector to get up to $10 off your purchase.

Gaming Smartphone Price Drop

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary - REDMAGIC 7 Series Price Drop
The REDMAGIC 7 Series is going through a major price slash and we’re inviting you to take advantage of this incredible birthday offer. Buy the REDMAGIC 7 in the Obsidian, Pulsar, or Supernova design and get $170 off your purchase. Or you can opt for the REDMAGIC 7 Pro in Obsidian or Supernova, and receive a $250 discount.

Gaming Accessories

REDMAGIC 5th Anniversary - Gaming Accessories
Fill your cart up with performance-enhancing headsets, cooling devices, or gamepads, and get a $10 discount on all orders exceeding $99. The store includes the three REDMAGIC 8 Pro accessories that are available as bundles so you can still get the best out of your device regardless of the bundle you choose to buy. There are also two very powerful charging bricks in the store, one of which lets you charge up to 4 devices at the same time.

5th Anniversary Celebration Countdown


Celebrate with us as we mark a milestone in our journey as the ultimate gaming brand. Don't miss our 5th Anniversary sale, where we'll take you on a journey through time, celebrating the past and future of REDMAGIC. Join us and stand a chance to win a Full Order Refund.