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Hot Rod Red Pre-Order and Charity Event

The fastest gaming smartphone of 2020 is about to get a cool new look this June 8th, and you can pre-order yours on June 1st! Sporting REDMAGIC’s new Hot Rod Red color, the REDMAGIC 5G will now have the style to match its awesome speed!

Running from June 1st at 5:00AM PST / 8:00AM EST / 2:00PM CET until June 8th at 5:00AM PST / 8:00AM EST / 2:00PM CET, REDMAGIC is accepting pre-orders for the Hot Rod Red version of the REDMAGIC 5G. Taking our visual style even further, the Hot Rod Red is a cool red X color design for the REDMAGIC 5G with yellow highlights. The time has come for the REDMAGIC 5G to not only BE fast, but to LOOK fast!

During these difficult times, it is of the utmost importance to always support each other. That is why REDMAGIC is glad to be partnering up with Child’s Play, a USA based charity organization. Through this partnership, 1% of the pre-order sales of the Hot Rod Red will be donated and used to help children currently in hospitals and shelters. This donation will go a long way to help children normalize their hospitalization, helping it be a less traumatic experience by allowing them to pass the time by playing video games while in the hospital.

"Gaming is such an important part of helping to normalize life for children in hospitals.  Mobile gaming, in particular, is an important tool for Child Life staff to use with kids since they can bring the games with them as kids move through the hospital for procedures.  It is the support of all the levels of the gaming community from hardware developers like REDMAGIC to the people playing the games that allows Child's Play to have an impact on the lives of over 1 million kids a year."
Travis Eriksen - Executive Director - Child's Play

In addition to the pre-order and charity donation, this event will also have a prize giveaway. 60, randomly selected customers will be chosen by June 8th at 5:00AM PST to win one of the following prizes;

                             Magic Adapter                      Pro Handle                  Protective Case

In order to be eligible to win one of these prizes, customers must pre-order the REDMAGIC 5G Hot Rod Red and then share our pre-order event on social media by sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter. 

Go to the REDMAGIC 5G Hot Rod Red Pre-order Event page today and help improve the lives of children in hospitals at the same time.