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Getting Ready For The All-new REDMAGIC 6S Pro

Have you heard the news about the all-new REDMAGIC 6S Pro? Well, it's going to blow you away and it's going to speed in before you know it. To help you get ready for it, REDMAGIC invites you to subscribe to our newsletter and to join our REDMAGIC 6S Pro Launch event. Why join you may be asking? For quite a few reasons, such as the freebies up for grabs like a new REDMAGIC 6S Pro and a GamSir controller or different coupons you can get to name a few. Let me tell you all about it.


Besides the obvious, like staying up-to-date and being the first to know all the news by subscribing to the REDMAGIC Newsletter, subscribers will also get a $10 coupon for the upcoming REDMAGIC 6S Pro! When the REDMAGIC 6S Pro is released, you will be able to use your coupon at the checkout window and save on your new gaming smartphone.

Working with GameSir, we are running a giveaway event starting today until September 26th. The giveaway event is super easy, just follow the instructions we give, and those that complete all the instructions will be eligible to take part in the event's lucky draw for some awesome prizes. What kind of prizes will there be? There will be of course a free REDMAGIC 6S Pro and GameSir controller combo for one lucky winner but there will also be five 50% off vouchers for the new REDMAGIC 6S Pro. These vouchers can be will be usable at checkout once the REDMAGIC 6S Pro is released for purchase. We will also be handing out 4 GameSir controllers to 4 lucky winners as well.


So are you ready for the next evolution in mobile gaming? Go check out the event today and become eligible for these awesome prizes!