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Get Even More This Black Friday With REDMAGIC

Get Even More This Black Friday With REDMAGIC

REDMAGIC Black Friday Sale

We’ve waited all year for the all-important Black Friday price slash, and now it’s finally here. To celebrate, REDMAGIC has prepared some incredible deals on the best gaming smartphones and accessories, and we’re giving you the chance to get even more for your buck in the special lottery that’s exclusive to all our Black Friday shoppers. Keep reading to find out how you can bag yourself a discount of up to $155.


REDMAGIC Black Friday Offers

REDMAGIC Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a little different at REDMAGIC, and because we’re gamers at heart, everything we do must be fun! We have an extended Black Friday sale that kicks-off November 16th and will last until the month ends on the 30th. All sales on REDMAGIC 7 smartphones during this time will receive a $20 discount, and all REDMAGIC accessories purchased will come with a $5 discount.


REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery

REDMAGIC Black Friday Sale

In addition to this, all purchases made from November 16th to November 30th will be automatically entered into the REDMAGIC Black Friday Lottery, where 9 lucky customers are guaranteed to win special REDMAGIC merchandise. Up for grabs are two sets of REDMAGIC unreleased products, nine REDMAGIC Turbo Coolers, and two lucky shoppers who will receive a full refund on their purchases.


REDMAGIC Black Friday Flash Sales

REDMAGIC Black Friday Sale

We’ll also be running three unbelievable flash sales during Black Friday for all our loyal followers and subscribers. The first two rounds are a few days apart and that gives you time to prepare. However the third and final flash sale is the sweetest piece of the pie, and it comes with an additional accessory that’s the perfect companion to any REDMAGIC device. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect, and the corresponding dates:

Pre-Black Friday savings at REDMAGIC start the week before the big day!

· Round 1: November 16th to 18th

- $90 off on all REDMAGIC 7 purchases

$120 off on all REDMAGIC 7 Pro purchases, and

$50 off on all REDMAGIC 7S Pro purchases


The flash sale continues on the weekend of Black Friday!

· Round 2: November 25th to 27th

$90 off on all REDMAGIC 7

$120 off on all REDMAGIC 7 Pro

$50 off on all REDMAGIC 7S Pro


The biggest REDMAGIC discount will be on Cyber Monday. Each REDMAGIC 7 series purchase made during these days will come with a huge discount, and a pair of REDMAGIC Cyberpods!

· Round 3: November 28th to 30th

$95 off on the REDMAGIC 7 and Cyberpods bundle

$125 off on the REDMAGIC 7 Pro and Cyberpods bundle

$155 off on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro and Cyberpods bundle 


Keep an eye on the REDMAGIC website to stay up to date with current offers, because these prices really will go by in a flash! 


It’s Time For Great Savings

2022 marks the inaugural REDMAGIC Black Friday sale, and we’re excited to share these incredible savings with you. Visit the REDMAGIC website for more information, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to get real-time updates on all the flash sales and Black Friday action.