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Game Space 2.0: How to Reach Your Gaming Potential

When it comes to gaming, hardware is king. But to bring out the potential of specs like Snapdragon™ 855, a 90hz display and 12GB of RAM is the software — specifically the OS.

There's a lot of Stock Android loyalists out there, and for good reason: it’s clean, simple and compact. Others prefer custom Android skins with advanced gaming features for extra finesse. 

So, how do you choose between Stock Android and a gaming-focused skin? 

You don’t have to. With the REDMAGIC 3, you get both.

The REDMAGIC 3 runs on Android 9.0 with a near-Stock experience. It’s ideal for everyday use, whether you’re sending messages, cruising the web or navigating with maps. When you’re ready to play, just slide the hardware switch to enter Game Space 2.0—your customizable hub for hardcore gaming.

Here’s how Game Space 2.0 takes mobile gaming to the next level:


Gaming Hub



Launch Game Space 2.0 and find all of your Android and emulator games organized, optimized, and ready to play. Customize and save control options for each game, manage external gamepads, and take screenshots to share your victories. It’s like a full-fledged gaming console, right in your pocket. 


Focused Gaming


Driftor takes us through the REDMAGIC 3’s Game Space 2.0


You know when you’re just about to top your high score, but an incoming call knocks you out of the game? We’ve all been there, and it sucks. 

With Game Space 2.0, you can simply toggle off notifications, calls, and texts to focus on what really matters: winning.


Serious Stats



Information is power. Slide out your control panel for real-time monitoring of hardware frequencies and thermals. Keep an eye on CPU and GPU temperature, clock speed, fan speed, battery performance, and more. 


Enthusiast Options



In auto mode, performance is automatically optimized for gaming. If you prefer to tweak and fine-tune your settings, we’ve got you covered. Customize fan speeds, display refresh rates and RGB lighting. You can even overclock your CPU and GPU for extreme gaming output.

When you’re finished playing, just slide the switch and return to Stock Android. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?