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Answering the Week’s Top REDMAGIC Reddit Questions

Answering the Week’s Top REDMAGIC Reddit Questions


How’s it going REDMAGIC family? We’re back again with another round of answers to your questions on Reddit. Again, we’ll be answering a handful of questions related to your REDMAGIC devices, so stick around to find out if your particular question will be answered. 


Table of Contents

1. How to Control the Sound Effects for the Fan?

2. Which service provider caters to REDMAGIC in my region?

3. How to Download APK files?

4. Is There a Difference Between 8Pro and 8S Pro Software?

5. Do REDMAGIC Devices Have an Average Lifespan?


How to Control the Sound Effects for the Fan?


REDMAGIC gaming smartphones offer an elaborate mobile gaming experience from the fluidity of the display down to the seamless control of keys. The gaming experience also extends to the device’s audio performance, user interface, and gaming sound effects that are unique to REDMAGIC devices. 


One such sound effect is the “engine on” sound that signifies the ignition of the built-in 20,000 RPM fan. It does an excellent job of getting your mind into the competitive spirit, but it can be overwhelming at times. To disable the sound effect or change the default sound, locate the Fan in settings and switch it to the setting you prefer.


Which Service Provider Caters to REDMAGIC in My Region? 


Compatible bands are essential for your REDMAGIC device to function with any specific network provider. The bands determine the speed at which your device can access 5G, 4G, and 3G networks. It's crucial to verify whether your network provider supports the specific band speeds required by your particular REDMAGIC device. 


You can obtain accurate information about the precise band speeds necessary for your device in your area from trustworthy sources like Kimovil. They can provide you with the necessary details to ensure seamless compatibility between your REDMAGIC device and your network provider.


How to Download APK files?


APKs are how large apps and files are shared across the Android ecosystem, and they contain all the necessary information to install an application on a device. In order to download an Android Package Kit, also known as an APK, you’ll need to enable developer mode on the device. 


For this to happen, open the Settings menu and locate the About Phone tab. Find “Build Number” and tap on it multiple times to unlock the developer options. After the developer mode is activated, try installing the APK again.


Is there a Difference Between REDMAGIC 8 Pro and 8S Pro Software?


Believe it or not, every newly released REDMAGIC device takes into consideration the shortfalls and highlights of its predecessor. In terms of software, the difference between the REDMAGIC 8 Pro and the REDMAGIC 8S Pro is that the latter marks the beginning of a new generation of REDMAGIC Operating Systems. The REDMAGIC 8 Pro has fewer bugs and glitches than the 8S Pro, however, the 8S Pro has more up-to-date features and forms the foundation of how REDMAGIC devices will operate in the future. 


Again, it’s important to mention that the REDMAGIC team cannot make any improvements to any software or hardware issues without supportive feedback, so we appreciate all your interactions.


Do REDMAGIC Devices Have an Average Lifespan?


On average, smartphones perform their best for the first two years, after which the quality begins to deteriorate. This fact also applies to REDMAGIC devices which, on average, endure more aggressive handling than other devices. Software updates will keep coming for up to three years, and with the correct maintenance and protection of the hardware, the device can last for a total of about four years give or take.


That’s a Wrap for this Week


That’s all we have time for this week, but we invite you to please keep your questions flowing on the Reddit platform and REDMAGIC social media pages. We’ll find them and answer as best as we can so you can get back to enjoying your gaming experience. Until next time!