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Adventure Awaits in the REDMAGIC: 5th Space

To celebrate the upcoming REDMAGIC 5S phone, REDMAGIC is launching the REDMAGIC: 5th Space event! If you are an adventurous individual, then take part as a member of the REDMAGIC intergalactic shipping company. It’s a lucrative field, full of opportunities and rewards for anyone to grab. Help REDMAGIC reach its intergalactic goals by using one of the only interplanetary vessels capable of quickly landing and taking off different planets freely, thanks to REDMAGIC’s triple cooling system. 

Sign up to take part in the REDMAGIC: 5th Space and complete the tasks set out for you and be rewarded lucrative prizes, straight from the vaults of REDMAGIC!

Prizes such as one of the top of the line REDMAGIC 5S gaming smartphones, totally for free! Other reward prizes that can be won include accessories for the REDMAGIC 5S and various levels of promotional coupons. To earn these prizes, REDMAGIC will keep a record of the number of times you travel from planet to planet per task and calculate the number of entries you performed during your travels. Our Strategist, Herbie, has calculated that to complete all the tasks needed by REDMAGIC, you will accumulate 50 or more entries. 


So how do you sign up and start completing tasks for RedMagic? 

Simple, just follow these instructions.

  1. Sign up for the REDMAGIC: 5th Space event through your Gleam account. If you do not have one, no worries, it is easy to make one.
  2. Follow the instructions through the Gleam platform to complete tasks such as interacting on our social media platforms by visiting, liking and sharing the campaign with your friends. For every successful action you complete, you get more entries. 
  3. Get 50 or more entries and you can participate in the lucky draw!


How do you start earning entries?

Each task completed through the Gleam platform will award you a set number of entries. For example, inviting a friend through the referral option will reward you with 30 entrie!

How are the winners picked?

Winners are picked randomly from all players who scored over 50 points. 

Can everyone play?

Yes, the REDMAGIC: 5th Space event is open to everybody. However, make sure you’re not using a VPN as it’s not fair to the other users and using one will prevent you from claiming your prize! 

When will the REDMAGIC 5S launch?

Pre-orders for the REDMAGIC 5S start on the 26th of August.

Where can I find more information on the REDMAGIC 5S? 

You can check it out on the REDMAGIC 5S product page, when it goes live on the 19th of August.

Have more questions that were not answered here? Then feel free to shoot us a question on the nubia or REDMAGIC Facebook pages.

Let's get out there and start planet hopping!!