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New Game Space Features In REDMAGIC 7

REDMAGIC 7-Game Space

Getting the best mobile phone gaming experience is more than just having a powerful phone that can play the most competitive games like Fortnite and PUBG. It also comes down to the special software and modes inside the phone that make gaming easier and more comfortable and that’s what the Game Space is all about. The Game Space has been a hallmark of REDMAGIC phones for years and every year we keep making it better. You can get a quick crash course glance at all these new features on the REDMAGIC 7 product page or you can just keep reading on.

Game Space HUD


We’ve updated the Game Space HUD so it is easier to get to all the features you love and to tweak your phone. Getting to it while in game is super easy now, even if you’re brand new to REDAMGIC, just swipe twice from either the top left or top right corners of the screen while in game and it will open up the Game Space HUD for you. Nice and easy!


“Game Space on the REDMAGIC 7 is one of the best gaming modes I've seen on a smartphone” - REDMAGIC 7 Review: The ultimate smartphone hardware, with one major compromise, XDA-Developers



REDMAGIC 7-Game Space -Plugins

We’ve been putting in helpful plugins for a while now on our REDMAGIC gaming phones but we’ve never put in so many before as we have on the REDMAGIC 7. If you look at the full Plugin Library from the Game Space launch menu, outside of a game, you can even see which game works a specific plugin in addition to a description of how it works. When you’re in game, just open up the Game Space HUD as described earlier and then press the puzzle piece looking icon on the left and you’ll see the selection of compatible plugins for the game you are playing. 


“... simply sensational to enjoy advanced mobile games.” - REDMAGIC 7 Review: Nubia REDMAGIC 7 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 + AMOLED 6.8” 165 Hz), El Chapuzas Informatico 



REDMAGIC 7-Game Space-Shorthand

A new feature we have added into Game Space with the REDMAGIC 7 is the Shorthand system. In short (heh, see what I did there?) it is a note system you can use while you’re in-game. Instead of writing down all the notes you’d need to beat a complicated level, you can save some paper and have those notes on your screen while you play. You can move the window and easily edit the information whenever you want. We found it pretty hand when playing Arknights since it can get pretty complicated.

Quick Picture Library

REDMAGIC 7-Game Space-Quick Picture Library

Another part of the Shorthand feature is the Quick Picture Library, which is so handy it deserves its own explanation. Just like the notes you can make and have on the screen in the Shorthand system, the Quick Picture Library allows you to keep small pictures available on the screen for you to use as a reference. As long as the picture is on the phone, you can use it, such as here where we went online for a picture of all the Geoculus locations to make finding them easier in our game.


“This side of REDMAGIC OS is genuinely very useful, especially for those who would be gaming a lot.” - REDMAGIC 7 Review: REDMAGIC 7, the world's fastest gaming phone is hereNeowin


Game Reminder

REDMAGIC 7-Game Space-Game Reminder

A feature for a truly dedicated gamer is the Game Reminder. Lots of games these days have daily events at certain times or events that reset everyday. Now since a lot of us are busy people, it is sometimes easy to forget about these events and then kick ourselves in the butts later for not getting our daily 5 or 20 minutes of grinding in so we can stay competitive in our favorite games. Game Reminder is here to help us stay on top of our games though so we don’t fall behind and it’s super simple to use. While in game, just open up the Plugins menu through the Game Space HUD and then select Game Reminder and then you will be taken to a menu that is very similar to an everyday alarm clock. You can set the phone to give you a reminder notification whenever you want, even down to a specific minute! How nice is that?


“You’re here for the fastest, brightest, kinetic, immersive gaming action you can find. And it all lies behind a little red switch.” REDMAGIC 7 Review: 2022’s New Gaming Champion, Forbes


Quick Stopwatch

REDMAGIC 7-Game Space-Quick Stopwatch

For our super competitive gamers playing the more action packed games, you’re going to love the Quick Stopwatch plugin. Again, easy to open up through the plugins menu to turn it on and then you’ll see up to 4 available stopwatches that can be turned on or paused and reset with a tap. These are great for games like League of Legends where there are several events happening throughout the map at different times. Or if you noticed your opponent used their ultimate ability, you can tap a stopwatch and know how much time has passed since they used the ability so you can maybe catch them off balanced. Great for team games or for solo games, it’s a powerful plugin in such games.

These are just some of the new Game Space features found in the REDMAGIC 7 and we encourage you to dig deep and find all the other awesome features designed to make your gaming experience all the better. If you want to learn more about the REDMAGIC 7, check out our dedicated product page to it, or if you know you’re already in love with it, skip all that and go straight to our online store and order yours today!