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Here’s our 5 favorite 90hz-enabled mobile games

“Mobile games aren’t optimized for gaming phones.”

We call BS. Few technologies are growing as fast as mobile gaming. And as gaming phones are getting bigger and better, the Android games created for them are catching up. 

With more titles now reaching 90FPS gameplay and beyond, there’s never been a better time to play with high-end specs. 

With dozens out there, we took on the toil to find the five best gems optimized to work on the REDMAGIC 3’s 90hz display. Thank us later. 

Alto’s Odyssey


Beautiful games deserve a beautiful display.  

This universally acclaimed endless runner game from Snowman, is one of the most visually stunning games on mobile. Ski through the elements, complete multiple goals and watch out for the monkey. Just try not to get distracted by its meditative scenery.  

Download here


Pokémon GO


2016 was a weird year. Harambe memes, Trump, and the short-lived mass hysteria that was Pokemon GO. Does this AR game still matter in 2019? 

OK, hear us out. With its updated features and tons more Pokémon added, Pokémon GO still makes for addictive gameplay. Besides, it’s still the best AR game out there, and one that harnesses the true power of mobile gaming: mobility.

Download here




This free-to-play cross-platform MOBA packs the strategic depth and mechanical skill of a PC title into a mobile game. Peep the gameplay with the Pro Handle, by the way. 

Download here


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


It’s not unusual for a popular gaming franchise to make its way into mobile gaming, but it’s amazing how well Final Fantasy games play on Android phones.

Brave Exvius retains the old school turn-based combat the series is known for, as well as having an extraordinary amount of depth that’s kept us playing for ages. 

Download here




If Marilyn Manson got in a fight with Nicki Minaj at Disneyland, it still wouldn't be as batshit-crazy as Skullgirls.

This colourful tournament-grade fighter game features one of the highest FPS of its kind. Just make sure to do it justice with a 90hz display. 

Download here


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Happy 90hz gaming! 

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